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Charlene P. Schmid
7490 N. Meridian RoadVacaville, CA 95688

About Integrity Alpacas & Fiber

At Integrity Alpacas & Fiber, we are focused on sharing our enthusiasm for the alpaca industry through the highest levels of customer satisfaction, education, and products.

I first discovered Alpaca yarn in 1999 when I was making baby blankets for Nerissa, my oldest daughter. I have been a fan of alpaca yarn since that time.

For many years, I dreamed of starting a Montessori Elementary School using Alpapcas as a microeconomic business run by the students. For years, I have taken students to Alpaca farms and fiber mills. In 2013, no longer working in the school setting, My family and I moved to the country and built our ranch.

-Charlene P. Schmid


All efforts are for the end product-- the yarn and goods that are created out of alpaca fibers.

In 2018 I began trying out some unique blends of alpaca with other natural fibers. Keep an eye out in our store, to follow available alpaca yarns and alpaca blends.

Integrity Alpacas & Fiber seeks to support a growing commercial alpaca fiber industry as well as support wonderful local fiber artist's creations.