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Dundee Farm Alpacas

6 champion studs from black to white

Hugh & Sara Jane Maclennan
6625 Meadowbrook LaneSedalia, CO 80135
(303) 663-3822
Fax: (303) 663-1226

Zamboni 4xChampion - rare

The Lad - 3x Champion
Champion Piper-Augusto son
Dundee's The Rock - Champion

DUNDEE FARM is a stud farm in Sedalia, Colorado. We provide stud services, herd evaluations, and presentations for events. Sara Jane is an AOA Judge.

We started Dundee Farm with a solid base of well-known bloodlines. Over the last 23 years, we have added more rare lines that have been tested in the show ring and highly scrutinized for quality. These rare lines are critical to hybrid vigor and the overall health of our American herd.

Some of our newer lines are in from Canada that include rare Australian genetics. We are particulary impressed with our Alianza genetics, which are giving us fine, consistent fleece on robust alpacas. From this base, we bred very selectively to improve fleece while maintaining robust alpacas that thrive. in 2012 we sold our female herd and now concentrate on providing stud services with our 4 champion males as well Snowmass Golden Sentry and Alpaca's Palace's King Richard (Ricky) whom we co-own with Chimara Ranch. Further, we have created Strategic Partnerships with other ranches and have access to several other impressive males.

Sara Jane became an AOA Judge in 2005 and is judging alpaca shows across the country and in Canada and Australia. The training was invaluable to us as breeders. Sara Jane enjoys contribuiting to the alpaca industry through education, herd assessment, and special presentations.

The benefit to our customers is that Sara Jane can give a fair and honest assessment of each of our stud's assets. Then, your female can be evaluated to determine the right pairing. This helps to take out much of the guess work, especially for new owners.

At Dundee Farm, we are committed to fair business practices and helping you make the right decisions for your program. We are not competing with you in the show ring or alpaca sales. We can ONLY be successful if you are successful.

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We believe in the long-term vision of the Alpaca industry. The health, safety, and care of our alpacas always come first. We breed to improve the quality of the North American herd and work toward promoting both the animals and their fiber. Here you will find fair pricing, fabulous studs, and exceptional care for both our two-legged and four-legged clients.