— The Team


Creating the Total Package, One Cria at a Time

Laurie McCallum and Dillon Hoffman
69401 Goodrich RdSisters, OR 97759

Huacaya Bred Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Crescent Moon's Accoyo Calla LilyWhiteProven7$12,500 
 H2R Angel's EnvyMedium BrownUnproven2 
 H2R Black OpalTrue BlackUnproven2 
 H2R EmeliaDark FawnProven4$12,000 
 H2R Luna EclipseDark FawnProven3 
 H2R SeraphinaWhiteProven6 
 H2R Shasta DaisyLight FawnProven4$10,000 
 H2R TallahasseeMedium BrownUnproven2$10,000 
 H2R VelveTikiBeigeProven3$8,000 
 Snowmass Ambrosian Angel XXMedium FawnProven9 
 Snowmass Golden LaurelDark FawnProven7 
 Snowmass Infinit PassionLight FawnProven7 
 TGF LynneaMedium FawnProven9 
 TGF RiikkaWhiteProven9 
 TGF SevanaWhiteProven7$8,500 

Huacaya Open Female

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Accoyo America TanzaniaWhiteProven5$8,000 
 BlueGenes' Licketty SplitMedium Silver GreyProven10 
 H2R 38's Special EditionMedium BrownProven7$15,000 
 H2R Angel's DreamMedium Fawn, Dark FawnUnproven3$12,500 
 H2R JuneBugMedium FawnProven5$21,000 
 H2R LyraLight BrownUnproven3$4,000 
 H2R SerandipityWhiteUnproven2 
 H2R Serenity MoonbeamWhiteProven4$18,500 
 H2R TallulahMedium BrownUnproven2$2,500 
 H2R Velvet KissLight FawnUnproven2$6,500 
 H2R Velvet Love StruckDark FawnUnproven1 
 H2R Velvet SerenityMedium FawnUnproven1 
 Majestic Meadows AwethumLight BrownProven5 
 Majestic's SashaMedium FawnProven3 
 MFI Shades of MidnightMedium Silver GreyProven8$6,000 
 Patagonia's TitaDark FawnProven9 
 Snowmass AlmandineDark FawnProven8$17,500 
 Snowmass Serenity SunbeamBeigeProven10 
 Snowmass Silver EleganceMedium Silver GreyProven14 
 Xanadu SmittenMedium FawnProven4 

Huacaya Male

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 38's Totem NSMedium BrownProven8$15,000 
 Gambit's Ace of H2RTrue BlackNon-Breeder7$500 
 H2R AlexanderWhiteUnproven2 
 H2R BossanovaLight FawnUnproven3 
 H2R HossenpfefferMedium FawnUnproven4 
 H2R MandrakeWhiteUnproven1 
 H2R Nobel BishopWhiteNon-Breeder5$500 
 H2R Royale OrbisonLight BrownNon-Breeder4$500 
 H2R Sterlyn RoseMedium Rose GreyUnproven6$12,500 
 H2R Tito BanditoMedium FawnUnproven1 
 H2R ValerianWhiteProven5 
 H2R Velvet SpecialMedium BrownUnproven2$8,000 
 H2R Velvet Touch DownBeigeUnproven1 
 Snowmass Ambrosian MajestyDark BrownUnproven6$8,000 
 Snowmass Silk Ventures Unproven1 
 Snowmass Velvet ToucheLight BrownProven9